Enhanced-wellbeing Project

Enhanced-Wellbeing website project

A Little Bit About Enhanced-Wellbeing

Established in 2008 by registered Health Kinesiology practitioner, Shelagh Cumming BSc.

With nearly 30 years experience as a health care professional, Shelagh combines her extensive knowledge and expertise with a profoundly effective complimentary therapy - Health Kinesiology.

The term 'Kinesiology' describes a gentle but powerful complementary therapy that effectively identifies energy imbalances in a person's system.

Main Project Points

enhanced-wellbeing project


  • Build a new bespoke website.
  • Register and manage domain name.
  • Set-up and manage all email accounts.
  • Full content management system.
  • Provide hosting for the new website on our servers


Enhanced-Wellbeing required a new website to accompany their new business.

Once the new site was live for a few months, I was approached by Enhanced-Wellbeing to discuss integrating a content management system to the existing website, allowing Enhanced-Wellbeing to update their own content whenever they wish.



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