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A Little Bit About Findlay Irvine Ltd.

Findlay Irvine are one of the top engineering company's in Scotland providing innovative electro-mechanical and software products primarily for the Transport Industries.

Findlay Irvine's main strength is solving potentially dangerous situations within the three biggest methods of transportation: Roads, Rail and Airports!

Measuring the grip surface of Roads, Airport runways & Helidecks...

  • The GripTester MK2 - The World's number one trailer-based continuous friction measuring equipment
  • The micro GripTester - used as a one person operation and with no user calibration required
  • The Helideck micro GripTester - World’s first purpose built device designed specifically for testing Helidecks

Findlay Irvine's skid resistance

Findlay Irvine Weather Monitoring

Weather monitoring, data collection and display systems...

  • Icelert - The Icelert MK8 Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Outstation.
  • FloodAlert - Providing road side sensors which monitor water height, activating warning signs & sending alert messages
  • WindAlert - A high wind event management system. It is designed for highways, bridges and structures as a stand-alone system

Remote condition monitoring applications for the rail network...

Signaling - Monitoring and managing assets remotely.

Power - Data monitoring components for rail power assets

Track - Continuously monitoring rail temperatures

Earthworks - Providing warning for earthworks failures - landslides

Switch Heating - Keeping points and point controllers free from ice and snow.

Findlay Irvine Rail

What we Did!

Findlay Irvine Ltd had outgrown their current website and desperately needed a fresh, up-to-date, new bespoke website, which would not only compliment their huge success within their sector, but also help market and promote their new products.

Due to the overall size and complexity of the project, we decided it was to be split into three phases.

  • Front End Design - A bespoke, modern, responsive design utilising all the latest html5 functions.
  • Backend Admin Functions - Incorporating a multiple log-in system which will consist of admin area for Findlay Irvine to update site, support area for customers to log-in and access detailed info on their product.
  • Online Store & Booking system - Fully functional online store selling most spare parts for Findlay Irvine machines.
    A secure online booking system for customers to book their machines in for a service.

image of monitor

image of iphone

Main points!

  • Bespoke Web design
  • Responsive Design
  • Multi-level Log-in System
  • News Section
  • Content Management System
  • Ecommerce Store
  • Interactive Booking System
  • Cloud Hosting on our Servers

Findlay Irvine now have the online presence they deserve!
The new website is modern, fresh and most importantly, ready to grow with the Findlay Irvine Brand.

As Findlay Irvine continue to develop new products, and establishing themselves as market leaders in the process, their new website is designed to grow with them, the perfect match!

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